SONIA PRINA (Contralto), ROBERTA MAMELI (Soprano) ⋅ Handel-Festspiele Karlsruhe

For the 45th Internationale Handel Festspiele 2023 which takes place from February 17th to March 3rd, Handel’s fans from all over the world reunite in Karlsruhe to listen to the music of the composer.

On February 18th, Roberta Mameli performs a Handel Gala with Carlo Vistoli, under the baton of Attilio Cremonesi.

Throughout the duration of the festival, Sonia Prina embodies the role of Matilda in Handel’s Ottone, accompanied by the Deutsche Händel-Solisten under the direction of Carlo Ipata.
Date: 17 Feb – 3 Mar. 2023

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