Filippo Mineccia (Countertenor) · Solo Album “Il Castrato del Granduca”

Last month saw the release of Filippo Mineccia’s 10th solo album! Dedicated to the “Castrato del Granduca”, Gaetano Berenstadt, it features works by Handel, Lotti, Ariosti, with the ensemble I Musici del gran principe conducted by Samuele Lastrucci.

Like all castrati, Gaetano Berenstadt’s hormones had gone crazy, but Berenstadt’s were particularly strong: with a height of about 185 cm, he is said to have had 130 cm long legs, arms that were far too short and a corpulent belly. A field day for the caricaturists. But when he stood on the opera stage and sang, he was idolised. The most famous composers of his time such as Ariosti, Bononcini, Gasparini, Hasse, Sarro and Vinci appreciated him for his vocal and acting abilities. Handel in particular was a great admirer of Berenstadt.

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