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Allegorica artists involved

Hasse Semele – K. Gauvin/R. Invernizzi/ S. Prina



Roberta Invernizzi, Semele

Karina Gauvin, Giunone

Sonia Prina, Giove

Le Musiche Nove - Claudio Osele, conductor

Forces : 8 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, 1 double bass, 1 theorbo, 1 harpsichord


He [Hasse] may … be allowed to be as superior to all other lyric composers, as Metastasio is to all other lyric poets. ” Charles Burney

Following the critically acclaimed concert performances and recording of Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra, Claudio Osele and Le Musiche Nove continue their exploration of the work of Johann Adolf Hasse presenting La Semele, o sia la richiesta fatale, a serenata composed for performance in Naples in the autumn of 1726.
The libretto by Francesco Ricciardi, who already worked together with Hasse on Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra, take us into the mythological tale of Semele, her unfortunate love for Giove and the enraged jealousy of Giove’s wife, Giunone.
About 17 years before Handel, Hasse depicts the tragic love – yet happy ending – of the mortal princess for the king of the gods with sensual tones and moments of high drama.
Semele and Giunone are both soprano roles while Giove is a contralto. The instrumentation comprises full strings orchestra and basso continuo.
Although the original cast is not known, based on the quality of the music we can assume that, similar to the serenata Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra which was performed just one year earlier by Farinelli and Vittoria Tesi, also for La Semele great vocal virtuosi were engaged.

This project is the first presentation of this critical edition. After the succes of Sony’s recording Marc’ Antonio e Cleopatra, the conductor Claudio Osele (ex- Après le succès de Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra, le chef Claudio Osele (who has prepared all recording of Ceclia Bartoli including  Opera Proibita) is working with Sony, on the recording of the 3 Hasse’s Serenade.

Semele has got many arias very virtuos and some duetti/trio explore a very interestgin dimension of acting and theater.

Handel and Vivaldi, Hasse is the next composer to be rediscover, under-explored but also mythical Hasse is of highest interest.

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Date – Late June 2016

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